The New Campsite

After enquires from various people we have officially opened our new campsite facility at the sanctuary. Our idea was to create a no hassle and real camping experience in the bush with a few simple comforts. The campsite is situated in quiet and shady area at the top of the sanctuary with plenty of tent space. We will welcome you to the campsite, provide an askari who has a radio to the main house and can assist you with any issues, otherwise the space is yours undisturbed. The facilities include a mess tent/BBQ area, washing up area, flushing toilet, bucket shower, rubbish bins, hurricane lamps and fire pit. All construction was done in an eco friendly manner using homemade clay bricks, discarded wood and grass thatching. We provide a 400ltr water bowser and buckets which can be refilled at a surcharge (see prices below) however please bear in mind that water is a precious commodity in the area so should be used with care. It is a spectacular setting immersing you in the bush and allowing you to have an authentic do-it-yourself camping experience at very reasonable prices. Arrive with and sense of adventure and leave only footprints. Karibu sana!

One of our Two tents

2017/2018 Prices:

- Ksh 500 per person per night (with your own tent)

- Ksh 1,000 per person per night (in our tents)

- Our tents come with two beds, two chairs, one bedside table and solar lights and linen (no soap, washing up liquid etc)

- Ksh 200 for a small bag of charcoal

- Ksh 200 for a bundle of firewood

- Ksh 2,000 for extra bowser of water

- Ksh 500 per person for bus/train ticket booking (excludes price of ticket)

- Ksh 500 for collection/drop off to either station (each way)

Mess tent and BBQ area

The Flushing toilet and fill yourself bucket shower on a pulley system

Washing up area

The 400ltr water bowser

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